Reviews from Past Customers

Landon Skinner

Rating: 5


"I can't recommend this tour enough. This leisurely walking tour was a fantastic opportunity to visit some of the local restaurants and enjoy their kind hospitality and ""savor"" some of the great tastes of the region.  Scott and Kelly are fantastic hosts who accent the tour with some charming history sharing about downtown Lodi and especially the proud wine growers of the town. If you like history tours coupled with great eclectic food and drink, this tour has your name written all over it."

Cris Trulsson

Rating: 5


"We brought our out of state friends on the Happy Hour Tour with Scott and Juliet in December. It was a fun evening out. We stopped at four locations, had generous sized drinks and food pairings at each. Our Floridian friends were impressed with the warmth and hospitality of Lodi, and we had a great time at all stops. Scott provided interesting historical facts about Downtown Lodi while walking between the stops and Juliet was the 'Cruise Director'! 

Scott and Juliet are a warm, fun, and funny couple and a true treat to spend time with. They try to give your group privacy to enjoy one another at each stop, but are happy to join in the fun if invited. We felt more like it was six friends out on the town rather than 4 friends being led by a tour guide! 

This event is something downtown Lodi has needed for a long time. We have always been able to offer wine tasting and some good restaurants to our visiting out of town friends, but Savor Lodi opens up a new, fun aspect to Lodi tourism! We enjoyed the evening very much, thought it was worth every penny of the price! We plan to come back as more of our friends who visit to wine taste come! 

Even if you have lived in Lodi all of your life, you will enjoy this fun evening out, and WILL learn a few more things about Lodi! We highly recommend the Happy Hour Tour, and Scott and Juliet to everyone (above the age of 21!)

Thank you Scott and Juliet!"

Tracy Williams

Rating: 5


"Wonderful tour.  It was fun meeting new people over Lodi history. Food and drink were great and plenty!! Tour guides were very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable.  Will help talk the tour up to other community members and friends. Already planning the 3:30 tour with some friends.  Can't wait to take another tour!

See you all soon!


Bonnie Kuckenbecker

Rating: 5


"We had a great time! The time spent at each location was perfect and there was such a variety with each place that kept it interesting and so enjoyable. Thank you!"

Melanie Seaman

Rating: 5


"Savor Lodi, enthusiastically owned and managed by Scott and Juliet, was an absolute delight! Our 2 1/2 hour walking, eating and drinking tour, very reasonably priced, started with Pazcifico’s specialty enchiladas and killer margaritas!  Delicioso! Dancing Fox was a favorite amongst the group. I’d drive back to Lodi just for their bread pudding!! Check out their tours and discover for yourself what they have in store for you! Enjoy!! -Melanie"

Kris Ixta

Rating: 5


"My husband and I had such a fun day on the Savor Lodi Tour! We visit many of the wineries in Lodi on a regular basis but don't go downtown  often. It was great to see the wonderful food and beverage varieties that Lodi has to offer! Scott and Juliet were very knowledgeable and friendly. We are looking forward to doing the Happy Hour Tour sometime soon.

Thanks so much for an amazing experience!

Kris & Jessie Ixta"

Holly Colin

Rating: 5


"We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and already have recommended it to others.  The selection of venues was terrific and the food and beverage pairings were excellent. We definitely will take the tours again.  My only comment is the more information you can provide about Lodi, current and past the better.Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Happy holidays,

Holly Colin"

Trisha Reece

Rating: 4


"Restaurants visited had some great food and were very kind. Loved they weren't crowded. The tour guides were knowledgeable. Each drink taste was just the right amount. Even though the distance in walking wasn't far, it's not for heels."

Wendy Challberg

Rating: 5


"Enjoyed the tour very much. Scott and Juliet, you are so kind and accommodating. I would love to recommend this to my friends. Will bring my sister on this, too. You may want to recommend to Five Windows to do something about the flies though. Thanks again."

Mary Evans

Rating: 5


"What a great day! My friends and I enjoyed the food tour. We were so full- maybe four stops would have been enough but the Gunther ice cream is a must, as is the Mexican stop. You bring just the right balance of history and fun together.  We will definitely recommend Savor Lodi to friends and family."

Vaccarezza Kandas

Rating: 5


"Very fun way to walk around downtown Lodi. All the stops were very nice and excellent service!  Truly a wonderful taste of what downtown Lodi has to offer.  I’m so glad I did the tour!  I highly recommend it....even for locals!  I learned some things about my home town that I did not know, and I have lived here almost my entire life!  Well done Savor Lodi!"

Andrew Hulen

Rating: 5


"Scott and Kelly were amazing tour guides.  We're from out of state and this trip was a great way to get to know the area and enjoy fabulous food!"

Claire Werner

Rating: 5


"What a great tour!!! The food selection, beer, wine - everything was top notch. We enjoyed meeting the owners and cooks and local folks responsible for these businesses also. It was inspiring to hear their stories and about their families and growing up in Lodi. Lodi has certainly changed in the past few years!  I am certainly planning to return and have passed on the word about your tour to my friends.

Thanks again!!!

-Claire Werner"

Faye Sandor

Rating: 5


"Eat, Drink, and be Merry....Great way to spend a mid-morning Sunday learning about Lodi's past and its future.....the hosts were great... definitely worth the time and cost!!!!"

Stefi Affron

Rating: 5


"We had a wonderful time and the food and beverages were great. Also, we enjoyed learning more about the history of Lodi. Thank you so much."

Joneen Small

Rating: 5


"We had a wonderful time and even though I live here and frequent the area, I learned a lot and got to experience some great new restaurants.

Thank you all again.

Joneen Small & Friends"